Retirement Planning

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Retirement Planning
Why superannuation is so important?


Superannuation will over time, become your primary source of retirement lifestyle funding. Having an active retirement plan in place will help you not only get to where you want to go but with life expectancy on the rise, stay there.


How much super do you need?


The amount of superannuation you need in retirement will depend on a number of personal preferences. Some will want to pass on an inheritance, some will be happy to live off the investment income generated whilst others will be happy to spend most, if not all of it during their retirement.  Sadly though, a recent ABS study concluded that only 5% of Australians will retire at age 65 and be considered self-funded retirees.   


How Heard Financial can help?


Our role is to help you clarify what you want your financial future to look like. Once the end goal is clear, we can formulate and implement a retirement plan that will help you achieve the goals and objectives that are important to you. An ongoing process of review and modification where required will ensure that your financial plan stays on track.