Personal Risk Insurance

We all know someone who has been forced off work for extended periods, afflicted with a serious trauma such as cancer, or in a worst case, died 'before their time'.  Whilst we cannot anticipate what might happen in the future, we can insure ourselves properly to enjoy the peace of mind knowing that whatever may come our way, we are financially prepared for it. Having adequate personal insurance in place protects you and your family, protecting your greatest area of financial vulnerability.


Why we need to consider personal insurance

Australia is one of the most under-insured nations in the developed world, with recent findings suggesting that less than 5% of Australians with dependent children have adequate life insurance cover in place. The reality of these statistics can have tragic consequences, with financial burdens at a time of intense personal pressure often leading to detrimental personal and family breakdowns. While it's not a pleasant subject to think about, life insurance will give you peace of mind against life's uncertainties and provide financial protection to your loved ones after you're gone.


Why income protection insurance is necessary

Nobody plans on becoming sick or injured, but these things inevitably happen. Would you have enough money to support yourself and your family in the event that you were unable to work for a significant amount of time? Income protection ensures your bills, mortgage, debts and regular expenses are covered even if you're not receiving an income, taking the financial pressure off your recovery and protecting what's most precious.


How Heard Financial can help

Our dedicated financial advisers are experts in personal insurance and can advise on such risk areas as life insurance, total and permanent disability insurance, trauma insurance, income protection insurance and business expenses insurance. Our innovative software system reveals exactly how much insurance coverage you should have to suit your individual needs. We believe it's important to review your insurance cover regularly to ensure it remains relevant to your changing circumstances, and explore possible savings and benefits being offered by your current or alternative insurer.




Our Financial Plans are living documents, regularly monitored, reviewed and updated through your various life stages.

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