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'We believe in helping people achieve financial success, so they can pursue their goals and aspirations with confidence.'

About Us

Heard Financial is a well-established firm providing a professional suite of financial services to high net-worth individuals, successful business owners, and those with aspirations for financial success and comfort in retirement.
The pride in our commitment to providing proactive advice and personalised service is underpinned by our strong corporate purpose and core values.

Operating our own AFSL entrusts us to demonstrate sound financial strategies tailored to suit client's specific needs.
With access to a wide network of resources and expertise, financial plans are structured, implemented, and constantly re-evaluated with a focus on growing, protecting and managing wealth.

We recognise the importance of providing financial advice in a safe, trusted and confidential environment, where solutions are driven by client expectations.
Our qualified and experienced advisers are supported by a pillar of equally experienced client centric managers and administrators.

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Our Services

Wealth Management

We believe that wealth isn't something that happens by accident. It is about making smart, informed choices in order to make the most of what you've got so you can enjoy the peace of mind that financial security brings. Our knowledge and support can help get you there, no matter where you might be on the timeline of life, with our full range of financial and investment services helping to build and manage your wealth. Create it, watch it grow, and most of all, enjoy it.

Retirement Planning

Planning a comfortable retirement is generally a well-intentioned priority for all Australians however, most get lost in the ever changing legislation and financial jargon. As a result, once you have reached retirement, navigating your way through becomes even more complex.

Personal Risk Insurance

We all know someone who has been forced off work for extended periods, afflicted with a serious trauma such as cancer, or in a worst-case, died 'before their time'.  Whilst we cannot anticipate what might happen in the future, we can insure ourselves properly to enjoy the peace of mind knowing that whatever may come our way, we are financially prepared for it. Having adequate personal insurance in place protects you and your family, protecting your greatest area of financial vulnerability.

Estate Planning

At Heard Financial,  we not only want our clients to achieve their financial goals, but we also want to help provide them with peace of mind that their financial affairs can be managed should they become unable to.  We also want to ensure that clients' estate planning objectives can be met upon their death. This includes ensuring that surviving spouses have access to cash and that estates can be passed to their intended beneficiaries as easily and as practically as possible.

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